Find Our Products at These Locations

Black River Cheese Company

913 County Road 13, R.R. #2
Milford , Ontario
phone: 613-476-2575 / 1-888-252-5787

For more than one hundred and ten years, Black River Cheese Company Ltd. has been firmly rooted in Prince Edward County. Of the original 26 cheese houses that once existed throughout The County, only Black River Cheese Company Ltd. remains in operation today. Our success can be mainly attributed to the dedication of our local farmers in supplying the factory with excellent milk, the expertise of our cheese makers, and our owners' passionate dedication to producing only the finest quality, handcrafted cheese.

Bliss Truffles & Gelato

621 Barton St. (at Fruitland Rd.)
Stoney Creek , Ontario
phone: 905-594-1823

Empire Cheese & Butter Co-op

R. R #5, 1120 County Rd. #8
Campbellford , Ontario
phone: 705-653-3187 or 1-800-461-6480

Empire Cheese Factory offers a wide selection of gift baskets suitable for friends, relatives and that after-dinner speaker at your club. Our baskets include a variety of our famous cheeses complemented with high-quality biscuits, jams, honey, candy and more.

General Brock's Commisary

86 Brock Street
Kingston , Ontario
phone: (613) 484-1587

 Located just steps away from where Kingston’s original Commissary was located during the War of 1812, General Brock’s Commissary brings a taste of Upper Canada to your table! Featuring locally produced gourmet mustards, mayos, chutneys, BBQ and hot sauces, candies and chocolates, fresh and frozen individual meals, fresh pasta, specialty meats, handmade gifts and more!




Gourmet Diem

249 Front Street
Belleville , Ontario
phone: (613) 779-9995

Gourmet Diem is a Cafe, cookware, and specialty food store. We sell coffee, tea, light lunches, imported cheeses, locally sourced foods and goods as well as a variety of other quality foods and high-end kitchen wares.





Green Gables Gifts and Greetings

286 Main Street
Bloomfield , Ontario
phone: 613-393-1494





Established in 1994 in a charming Victorian-era house from the 1850s, Green Gables Gifts & Greetings brings together a wide, eclectic selection of linens and bedding, home furnishings, wall décor, mirrors, greeting cards, specialty foods,  jewellery, scarves, hats, watches, ornaments, wine glasses, and dishes in 11 spacious rooms.

Grills Orchards

886 Grills Road
Belleville , Ontario
phone: 613-968-6757

Serving the Quinte area for over 80 years, Grills Orchard is a great place to find everything you need for local farm fresh products.

Harwood Estate Vineyards

18908 Loyalist Pkwy
Hillier , Ontario
phone: (613) 399-1631

We love chocolate at Harwood. After months of sampling chocolates from a plethora of suppliers--What a hard job!--we've partnered with Mrs. B's Candies from Brighton, Ontario. In each box you will find 3 creamy Marquesa ganache filled Belgian milk chocolates and 3 creamy Just Desserts ganache filled Belgian white chocolates. Six carefully-crafted grape-bunch molded chocolates, perfectly wrapped for gifting, or indulging.

Harwood is a completely solar-powered winery, located in Prince Edward County, Ontario; only 18 minutes south of the 401, situated in the rolling hills of a beautiful rural peninsula/island. From your city to the middle of PEC.

Our tasting room is situated inside the winery between our three vineyards. See all the magic happen while our knowledgeable staff treat you to award winning wines and complimentary food pairings. Our adventurous winemaker creates unique and memorable wines including our Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Noir, St Laurent, Cabernet Sauvignon, Marquesa (a port-styled wine) and our multi-award winning Just Desserts.

In the summer you can enjoy a glass of wine on our patio, idyllically overlooking the vineyards and pond. In the colder months our fireplace heated Tasting Room is a cozy spot to discover our exceptional County wines. We look forward to helping you create a memorable outing!

K-Town Kups

82 Brock Street
Kingston , Ontario
phone: 613-484-1587

K-Town Kups is a family owned and operated business which started like many others do:  with a great idea.  Ours is:  Everyone loves coffee.  Everyone loves convenience & variety.

So, why not create a local solution that brings these features to other businesses wanting to share the perks with their customers.  K -Town Kups is not just a coffee service; we deliver your business an enhanced experience for your clients as they enjoy the features you’ve provided them from the comfort of your waiting area.

We provide professional service, a wide range of products and timely delivery to your business anywhere in the Kingston area.

Local Family Farms

6674 Hwy 38
Verona , Ontario
phone: 613-374-3663

Our local Family Farms store is a business which nurtures relationships between farmers and eaters! From our shop in Verona, we offer food which was grown close to home and meals created in our own kitchen with local ingredients. 

We try to source our products within about 100 km. of our shop.This means we have a direct relationship with our growers, and many of our ingredients are seasonal. So, in October you won't find fresh strawberries, but you may find local frozen strawberries.

When the road between growers and eaters is shortened, everyone benefits. You, our customer, can find out how and where your food was grown and processed. We, the farmers and food makers, don't need to use extra preservatives for long shipping and storage times. Your food is fresher and you can build a nurturing relationship with those who grow and prepare your family's snacks and meals.

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